Self-piercing screws eliminate the need For a pre-drilled hole sometimes bending the metal. Designed with an extra sharp point are self-piercing screws Will do the trick


A common screw amongst many in the Industry with our very own twist and design Made for plastic applications such as Vinyl Windows, but can be used in other Applications as well.

Painted Heads Screws

Merchants has the largest stock heads painted screws in the United States, with thousands of sizes and colors, both painted and powder coated, with a full coverage smooth mar-resistant finish.

Self Drilling

Designed like a drill bit, these screws Drill their own pilot hole without damaging The material they are going into. Self-drilling Screws can sometimes be referred to as TEK screws.

Honesty, commitment and quality craftsmanship

With over 60 years of operation and being a third generation family owned and operated business we cant say enough about our commitment to each and everything we do here.
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